VBA Excel Programming - 5 Day focused course 6pm - 9 pm (see Event Details below for class schedule; CLICK the Contact the Host link below (Hosted By section) to make a request with the instructor for alternative schedules)

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* This course spans 5 consecutive days for more effective immersion.
   Course starts on the 1st week of every month, meets as follows:
   Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri from 6pm - 9pm

For Alternative Schedules:
CLICK the Contact the Host link below (Hosted By section) to make a request with the instructor.

* University students pay $600 (proof required)

* Manhattan location, steps away from the Subway, close to midtown and downtown,
   next to Starbucks and Chase.
* The student is prepared for the real world by short and long programs dealing with
   corporate problems instead of abstract, trivial programs.  These programs are
   demonstrated in depth both in the manual and in the classroom lectures, even the
   comprehensive examples' code is commented extensively for immediate

* VBA is what problem solvers use to destroy Excel data problems, VBA skills elude
   a lot of professionals because of companies' overemphasis on nice looking apps,
   high performance logic  and software integration, very often the data that you need
   to organize, analyze and extract doesn't exist in those integrated business apps, it's
   in Excel and unless you're fluent in the VBA language you can spend literally all day
   just to organize the Excel data.  Companies have been training users on proprietary
   apps, totally neglecting intrinsic analytical skills and personal problem solving, the
   situation is such that the typical Excel user can't solve simple Excel problems
   (because built-in functionalities are just general purpose solutions).

* Theories in finance, economics, accounting, trading and hedging are taught, their
   nuances are analyzed in school and commercial firms, but schools and graduate
   programs completely overlook the all-important VBA language.  Why is VBA
   important?  Excel is a universal data workhorse, clicking, dragging and dropping in
   Excel just aren't enough to solve problems involving thousands or tens of thousands
   of records, especially where decision making or criteria setting is necessary, in
   these scenarios VBA is the only way.

* Business software is continuously enhanced, even out-of-the-box solutions need
   modifications, similarly Excel can display and process data in a versatile ways
   but its capabilities are limited through its interface.  Without VBA, the maximal
   potential of your data can't be achieved, for reporting, analysis, modeling or any
   other needs where decision making is required.  Imagine working with an
   outdated application, imagine purchasing risk management software without
   upgrading, the inner mechanisms need to be improved to accommodate market
   practices and industry changes.  Treating Excel as an out-of-the-box solution is
   nearly 100% comparable to buying a mission-critical solution without further

* Leverage this course to build your Excel back-end skills while boosting your
   professional worth (better compensation, career and industry choices).
* Uncommon time saving tips shown, practical and invigorating scenarios used.

* Suitable for accountants, analysts, financial engineers, SAS programmers who
  might need to interact on the Excel level plus non-technical users who want to not
  only quickly grasp the essentials of the VBA language in the context of Excel, but
  also learn the basics of code development approaches for solving real world
* Write short programs to save yourself hours of manual work.
* Problem analyses are performed on practical problems as the course progresses,
   letting students see how the solutions were developed, giving them prototypes in
   problem solving.

* This course emphasizes VBA the language and the Excel object model as integral
   parts that work in unison.

* Alternative syntaxes are illustrated to highlight the gaps between efficient and
   inefficient coding.
* Students aren't left with only syntaxes but are guided to become self-reliant solution
   providers through analysis rather than learn easy tips and copy code without
   meaningful growth.
* A core set of elements and concepts links the training modules, if you learn even this
   small set of knowledge from this course, you'll have gained a lot that's not possible
   from typical basic programming exercises, this is because this course's examples
   are grounded in realistic and non-trivial scenarios. 
* Classroom interaction speeds up the understanding of concepts.  Live lectures do
   wonders in contrast to book reading where a few hundred or over a thousand pages
   must be read and the reader is left to figure out just which topics are actually
   relevant, even worse is that the reader often doesn't know how to do problem
   analysis, let alone develop a solution that can be scaled and remain robust, this is
   because many courses and books teach only how to do generic operations such as
   open a file.  Gjedot assumes the student wants to take this course to solve complex
   problems in the professional realm, not just read a few lines of VBA code.

* See full and meaningful
illustrations for immediate and long term growth.
* A powerful, condensed set of core concepts, fully explains the power of the
  combined platform using VBA and Excel.  Offers solution approaches (taking a
  problem from analysis through solution
development).  UNIQUE GJEDOT
Trivial how-to's are addressed but the
empasis is on
  comprehensive walk-throughs of corporate level problems that you can
relate to. 
  In-depth explanations + commented code guide you every step of the way. (from )

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