Trust Review Seminar

from Michelle Tucker

Join us for a special 120 minute training event! Learn how to use simple legal strategies to help make your wishes known, keep peace in the family, and ensure that life is as easy as possible for your loved ones, no matter what happens.

In approximately 120 minutes, our attorneys will discuss several issues including:

The top 10 common defects found in most Living Trusts
Planning before you need long-term care
Protecting your assets for your heirs from creditors, or in the event of a lawsuit or a divorce
Providing for special needs children and grandchildren
If you become incapacitated or unable to sign documents, how a court may assign a conservator to run your estate as he or she sees fit
How a Power of Attorney works (a Power of Attorney may not be acceptable if it has become outdated or if you have become disabled)
Top Reasons to Review Your Trust:

Death or marriage of a beneficiary
Birth or adoption of a child
Child with special needs
A desire to provide creditor or divorce protection for beneficiaries
Change in your marital status
Inherited substantial assets
Death, incapacity, or change of intentions of your successor trustee or decision-maker
About to undergo a major operation or life-threatening medical treatment

If you have any questions about our seminars or would like to register by phone or email, please call our office at (808) 531-5391 or email [email protected]. (from )

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