Manage Multiple Priorities While Working Remotely: How to Plan and Manage Your Time Effectively

from Armaya Smith

At the beginning of the year, most people would have agreed the basic mantra for organizations had become, “Do more with less!” When COVID-19 hit, everyone realized, we must become more efficient, effective, flexible, and innovative to survive. People are still struggling with “How do I do that? I’m already dancing as fast as I can!” The old standbys of the To-Do List, using some complicated organizing tools or ‘working smarter’ just don’t make it in today’s high-pressure world. This webinar looks at approaches which help you move from the tactical to the strategic while focusing on what’s most important and letting go of time-wasters.
You cannot afford to destroy your health, personal life, and results through inefficiency in today's highly competitive world rocked by a pandemic on top of globalization pressures. The tools of yesterday don't match up to today's needs. Without a more strategic approach to accomplishing your work and meeting your organization's demands, you will slowly sink below the weight of too much work and too little time. This webinar focuses in on an approach which works. It covers time management strategies for workplace, how to be productive working from home, strategic planning skills and more.
A. What’s the context for managing my time?
1. How has COVID-19 affected my situation?
2. What’s most important for the organization now?
3. What are organization goals impacting my work?
4. What are the guiding principles for my decision making?
5. Time management best practices for remote teams
B. Where am I now?
1. Ending the tyranny of the To-Do list
2. What are my biggest challenges and time wasters?
3. What never gets done? What must get done, no matter what?
4. How do I create a change plan?
C. How can more strategic planning skills help me manage time?
1. Using a simple approach to planning more strategically
2. Setting priorities with prioritization tools
3. Scheduling and tracking multiple priorities
4. Dealing with risks; expected, unexpected & COVID-19 related
5. Create a tactical plan based on my strategic plan
D. What approaches will help meet my challenges?
1. Understanding my place in organizational goals
2. Setting SMART Objectives for my work
3. Creating a flexible plan for ongoing and special work
4. Delegating effectively; Why, When, What and How
5. Using the WIN approach to daily decisions about time management
6. Understanding my work style preferences and using them effectively
7. Dealing with procrastination and impulsive action
E. Putting my plan into action
1. Monitoring results not activity
2. Getting back on track and modifying my plan
F. What’s my action plan?
1. Time Management Step-By-Step: Applying time management skills and techniques systematically
2. Continuously improving my planning, execution, and results.
3. Focusing on Flexibility and Innovation in the era of COVID-19
You will add value to your work style and performance as you are more able to:
• Prioritize and plan your work effectively using simple strategic tools in the era of COVID-19
• Use time efficiently while eliminating time wasters and time wasting
• Delegate appropriately and skillfully
• Improve your time management skills and strategic planning skills continuously
These skills will help you achieve your goals and meet your management's expectations of your results and performance.
• Individual contributors
• Managers at every level
• Executives who find themselves overwhelmed with time constraints
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