Estate Planning Basics Workshop

from Larry Parman

Why Should You Attend?
We will discuss some of the more common Estate Planning mistakes that people make such as…

Not Having an Estate Plan

This is by far the most common mistake people make and it can be quite costly for their heirs.

Not Properly Funding Your Trust

This is a mistake that most people never consider, yet it can b e a significant problem.


Too many families fail to realize that their Estate Plan is inadequate…until it’s too late!

Not Planning for Disability

We never know what lies in store for the future. All you can do is be prepared.

Not Updating an Estate Plan

If you already have an Estate Plan, do you keep it updated as life situations change?

DIY Estate Planning

Do-it-yourself Wills often lack perspective and foresight and do not anticipate problematic situations. (from )

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