HIN New Hampshire 2013 feat. Miss HIN 2013 DANNIE RIEL

from Molly Truong

HIN is a unique nationwide automotive festival taking place at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Saturday August 3rd, 2013. The HIN experience will feature Hot Import Nights a world recognized car competition showcasing hundreds of customized rides with several full lighting displays and vehicles on SATURDAY from 5pm to 10pm and the WDRIFT AMERICA National Drifting Competition from 1pm to 6pm, Top Car Crews and Teams, Nightclub Stage w/ Headliner Performers and DJ's, Featured Industry Models in the HINCity.com Model Lounge, GoGo Competition, Fashion Shows, Auto Aftermarket Exhibitors, Miss HIN Search, Merchandise Stands, Entertainment Zones, Concessions, bonus Vintage Car Show, plus tons of festival attractions. This HIN/WDRIFT attraction in the Northeast will bring back the Hottest Cars, Models, Music, and Drifters!

HIN: Hot Import Nights (Saturday August 3rd - 5pm to 10pm)
WDRIFT: 2nd East Coast Round (Saturday August 3rd - 1pm to 6pm) (from )

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